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House Painting Services, Singapore

If you need professional landed house painting in Singapore, you can trust the team at Painters Painting Services to get the job done. Our many years of experience and reputable certifications make us fully capable of painting your home’s interior and exterior areas. We have you covered whether you want to impress visitors and guests or enjoy a more comfortable atmosphere.

If you want your home to look best, then paint is the way to go. A fresh coat of colour will make it more appealing and increase its curb appeal, but it also protects against any elements that may damage or wear away at surfaces over time. Brick/stucco houses are typical in many neighbourhoods across Singapore; however, they lack character when left without protection from weathering, which could lead people to look for new homes.

Our landed house painters in Singapore have access to the latest equipment and employ the best techniques to get the job done. Our on-site assessments help us determine the best approach, including the colours best suit your architecture and decor.

The Benefits of House Painting

There are numerous benefits to House Painting Services, Singapore, including:

  • Brand new paintwork provides additional protection from ultraviolet light, abrasion and damaging environmental elements such as extreme heat and excessive moisture.
  • The reflectivity of fresh paintwork on your outdoor walls and roofing structures can help you maintain comfortable indoor temperatures and improve your energy efficiency.
  • Brand new paintwork can make your property much easier to clean and maintain.
  • Giving your humble home a fresh and new look is an investment in the future. New paints will help protect against dust, allergens and dirt while keeping it clean for you.
  • Repainting your home increases its value when you sell it in the future.
  • By changing the colour of your home’s interior, you may feel more positive about its layout and surroundings.



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Painters Singapore Painting Services is proud to be a leading provider of landed house painting in Singapore. Get in touch with our professionals today to learn more, request a quote or book our services. Give us a call or fill out our online enquiry form to receive a prompt response from our domestic painters in Singapore.

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