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It may come as a surprise to learn that under the Optional Component Scheme, HDB offers floor finishing installation to purchasers of BTO units. The kitchen and bathroom floors of all new BTO projects that are introduced in February 2019 also include glazed porcelain tiles.

But if you want to build your own flooring, you could feel overwhelmed by all the alternatives. Here are three common flooring options that we think will be useful to you during this process. Read up on HDB’s regulations regarding the installation and replacement of floor finishes before you start tearing up your new house.

1. Vinyl

This durable flooring solution is both reasonably priced and very adaptable; it is made of PVC. Vinyl flooring can be installed to rooms and areas rapidly due to its thin and modular design as interlocking sheets. If it follows HDB’s rules, you may even install it over tiles that are already in place!

Its quick installation process is a significant advantage, allowing for minimal disruption and immediate enjoyment of your new floors.

2. Cement Screed

While it may look a touch barren, this alternative is great for house owners desiring a raw, minimalist design or an industrial-themed home. Cement screed floors may even seem powdered or spotty depending on how the surface is treated, and it is far more vulnerable to fractures and scratches.

Its ability to integrate seamlessly with various decorative elements makes cement screed a versatile choice for those who appreciate understated elegance.

Cement screed doesn’t come with a polished surface – but that is the beauty of it. Over time, the surface will acquire a patina, replete with wear marks, stains, and fractures merging in with its original defects. Embrace the wabi-sabi aesthetic.

3. Tiles

This is the most prevalent flooring choice, and virtually needed in certain places of your house, such as in bathrooms and kitchens, owing to its toughness and resistance to stains. Most tiles are relatively resilient, and broken parts may be replaced without having to reconstruct the entire floor.

Visiting a showroom allows you to physically see and feel the tiles, ensuring they meet your aesthetic and functional needs.

While most homeowners receive their design inspiration online via apps and sites like Painters, picking tiles is much simpler if you walk out to a shop or showroom, and have a look at the options available.

At showrooms, you’ll realise that the industry has made enormous achievements and there is numerous variation beyond the traditional marble, porcelain tiles, and hardwood floors. There are items simulating materials and textures too.

Decorative tile styles such as vintage Peranakan and antique Art Nouveau have also reappeared as mass-market copies. With a large choice of materials and sizes, you can say this option is incredibly adaptable – a floor for any budget and demand.

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