Tips To Choose The Top Concrete Epoxy  Flooring Contractor In Singapore

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Tips To Choose The Top Concrete Epoxy Flooring Contractor In Singapore

Concrete epoxy flooring contractors in Singapore can provide you with a variety of different benefits. One of the main benefits that they can provide is a wide range of experiences. With so many years in the business, these contractors have seen it all and know exactly what to do to get your concrete epoxy flooring project done right. 

You’ll also find that they have the latest equipment to get the job done efficiently and correctly. This means that you won’t have to worry about any mistakes being made during the installation process. These are only a handful of the numerous reasons why it’s important to choose the top concrete epoxy flooring contractor in Singapore. When you take the time to find the right contractor, you’ll be glad that you did!

Painters Singapore has been the top concrete coatings contractor in Singapore. We’ve earned unmatched regional recognition; our company has pushed to grow our brand across the nation. Painters Singapore offers various concrete flooring options, including flooring coatings for epoxy floors, Urethane floors, polished Concrete for the preparation of surfaces, and sealers for Concrete and Decorative Concrete.

We are proud to provide the best quality concrete epoxy flooring products and excellent customer service at Painting Contractor Singapore. 

Here is the guide on how to ensure your hiring of the most reliable concrete epoxy flooring company!

Get referrals from family members, friends or even your neighbours if you know someone who has recently made renovations to their garage. If that’s the case, you can ask you know a company that has work completed in their facility, or you have someone from a friend speak about their experiences with a concrete coatings company and ask them a few questions that follow:

  • What type of project did you enlist the concrete contractor for?
  • Did the project get completed in time?
  • Did the contractor remain on the budget?
  • What (if were any) issues arose during the project? What was the way they were dealt with?
  • What were the pros and pros of working with this company?
  • Do you think you would hire the business to hire them again?
  • How did the flooring coating company and installation crew talk to you?
  • Was there a significant interruption to your routine?
  • If you’d like to explore collaboration with the contractor for Concrete once these questions have been answered, make a meeting with them. You might want to ask them for more references. Please do your research and get in touch with a few of them.
  • Read online reviews. Google, Yelp, and the BBB typically provide opinions that are unfiltered about the concrete flooring business and specific complaints they encountered or thoughts about particular employees or subcontractors and a general score of satisfaction. 

There’s a possibility that there will be negative reviews about most firms. It’s your job to compare them with the positive ones and decide whether or not this business is suitable for your specific task. Take note of repeated concerns or complaints, whether the company responded to your concerns or not and if the customer was ultimately satisfied and the problem was addressed.

  • Find out if the contractor coating concrete floors are insured and licensed. Don’t believe their word on the spot worth. Find out your license number. After that, go to the Department of Safety and Professional Services website or call the local agency for consumer protection to verify. Once you have verified their license, you should request insurance details. 

Although a standard liability insurance policy will shield you and the contractor from issues involving accidents or disasters, bodily injuries, and property damage, it will not make sense to find out whether they carry any additional insurance policies. A few examples of this type of coverage include installation and equipment insurance policies. Insurance companies are happy to confirm the range of business insurance.

  • Warranty, Warranty, Warranty. Concrete contractors with a good reputation offer a guarantee because they stand behind their work and their products. They care about their customers’ satisfaction. Painting Contractor Singapore is one of them. 

Our Warranty includes material quality and craftsmanship. Through Painting Contractor Singapore, you can be confident that your satisfaction is assured.

About Painters Singapore

Painters Singapore is the top concrete epoxy flooring contractor in Singapore. With a dedication to providing the best quality flooring options for concrete and the safety of our employees and you and improving the actual flooring application procedure, we quickly established our mark across the country. 

Our ability to adapt to be able to work in different environments and troubleshoot flooring issues according to your budget and deadlines proved our business.

We want to share more than the story we have told you about. Our concrete coating technicians are happy to inform our customers about product details, the process of installation and the best way to prepare for the job. We offer a thorough description of the project from beginning to end. 

We will discuss our reasons for recommending the flooring or other products and invite you to ask questions until you comprehend and make the right choices regarding your flooring project.

Painters Singapore employs a group of concrete coating contractors who have perfected the art of covering concrete floors. They are detail-oriented from surface preparation to final. The result is a highly efficient flooring that has been designed and constructed by a skilled craftsman.

What is A Concrete Epoxy Flooring Company Do?

As the most reputable concrete epoxy flooring contractor, we know our name’s importance to us. To ensure that we continue to offer our clients the highest level of satisfaction, our employees must constantly improve their skills. 

Our team is always up-to-date with the latest techniques, products and processes for concrete applications by promoting continuous learning. We offer the following services:

Types Of Concrete Epoxy Floor Coatings

Epoxy flooring is the most durable and robust concrete flooring option for all situations, from industrial, residential and commercial to institutional. Based on your requirements, the concrete coatings contractor uses a medium, light or heavy-duty floor to create an attractive and functional foot. 

Epoxy flooring is suggested in areas that require more security as well. The additional benefits to the safety offered by epoxy floor coatings are water resistance, slip-resistant, stain-resistant and heat and fire resistance. 

Epoxy floor coatings can also improve visibility. The surface can reflect light, illuminating the entire space, making it more secure in warehouses and offices alike.

Painters Singapore specializes in Vinyl Flake Epoxy Flooring and Self-leveling Epoxy Flooring, Epoxy Mortar Flooring and Decorative Quartz Epoxy flooring.

Urethane Cement Flooring

These high-impact and thermal shock resistant cement floor coverings are commonly employed to cover commercial food establishments such as walk-in coolers freezing units, processing zones, and dishwashing areas. The highly skilled concrete coatings specialists at Painting Contractor Singapore install these seamless floors on Concrete and other cementitious substrates, making them simple to maintain and clean.

Polished Concrete

We put forth safe, environmentally-friendly polished concrete solutions. These glossy floors are available in a range of finish levels that range in gloss from low to high. To achieve flawlessly polished Concrete, it is made using diamond-specific grinders used by Painting Contractor Singapore owned and managed. 

Our concrete coatings specialists masterfully manoeuvre the diamond-permeated disks until the ideal level of smoothness and shine is evident. Polished concrete flooring finishes come with an unlimited number of designs, including the colour, the exposure of aggregates, and patterns.

Surface Preparation

Like any other project, it is well-known that the correct preparation is what determines your final result. Our concrete coating specialists employ the most effective methods to eliminate existing coatings to ensure that the Concrete can withstand the new flooring system made of epoxy. This lengthy task is a vital component of the process for application. 

The process involves taking off the upper layer and adhesives by diamond grinding or shot blasting. This process is perfected to ensure a clean and prepared area with the proper amount of grooves left. These abrasions are the perfect location for the new flooring to grasp and join, creating the most durable bond.

Concrete Sealers

Concrete sealers shield your Concrete from stains and water damage caused by chemical spills. Concrete is a durable construction material; it’s very porous, and Concrete is highly susceptible to exposure to liquids. In time exposure can cause structural and aesthetic issues and aesthetic defects. When you apply a concrete sealer impervious barrier is formed. This shields concrete from corrosion, direction, and damage to the surface, freeze-thaw cracks, and staining.

Decorative Concrete

Concrete Maintenance Solutions: We transform Ordinary Concrete into a beautiful masterpiece by applying decorative Quartz, acid stain dye, salt, and pepper aggregate. We also expose aggregate and many more. To the untrained eye, Concrete seems dull and uninteresting.

 In reality, Concrete is a highly versatile construction material. Concrete options for decorative design allow you to upgrade any concrete floor without changing the entire substrate.

Industries serve as a Concrete coatings contractors.


Painting Contractor Singapore provides concrete epoxy flooring options for commercial spaces, such as hallways and walkways, commercial kitchens and restaurants and hotels, retail shops, lobby areas, locker rooms, stadiums, museums etc. Showrooms, offices for corporate clients and greenhouses.


That’s right. Many people do not think about the many kinds of concrete projects required for their homes. Painting Contractor Singapore is a concrete company. Painting Contractor Singapore offers residential concrete services, including garage flooring basements, patios and basements, sidewalks, decks for pools, and dog kennels.


We know industrial facilities require specific flooring solutions for their site to remain current and to keep employees and their visitors protected. We pay particular attention to picking the right flooring option for your business requirements. 

Painting Contractor Singapore has a specialization in industrial settings like airports, hangars for aircraft and other municipal facilities, production floors, industrial kitchens and warehouses, and food processing and manufacturing facilities.

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