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The area where the system will be installed is the primary factor in determining the thickness of the epoxy coating. A very thick epoxy floor is unnecessary in a house garage or other space that does not get heavy foot activity when installing an epoxy flooring system. Coatings that will be exposed to harsh conditions, such as high levels of foot traffic and chemical spills, need a coating with greater thickness and resilience.

Summary table for the different thickness levels of epoxy coatings based on the usage requirements:

Coating TypeThickness (mils)Ideal LocationsCharacteristics & Recommendations
Thin Epoxy Coating4-6House garages, light traffic areasAesthetically pleasing, suitable for commercial redos; best with water-based epoxy for budget projects.
Thick Epoxy Coating10-20High foot traffic areasInvolves multiple coats (primer, basecoat, topcoat); durable and strong.
Super Thick Epoxy CoatingUp to 125Industrial areas (warehouses, machine shops)Extremely durable, suitable for heavy equipment; often a slurry mix troweled onto the floor.


thin epoxy coating
Floors with limited foot traffic may be easily maintained with a light layer of epoxy to keep them looking beautiful. You should choose a thin epoxy floor that is 4-6 mils thick if you are renovating your garage floor or if you are converting your garage into an inside area. Thinner epoxy floors are aesthetically pleasing and somewhat durable, making them a great choice for commercial flooring redos such as corridors, storage spaces, or break rooms. Make sure you know the difference between solids epoxy and water-based epoxy. If you’re on a tight budget, go with a water-based epoxy; it’s cheaper and has a lower solids count than a traditional epoxy, but it won’t last as long. To increase the thickness of a flooring system, it is recommended to apply a thick underlayment or primer coating first, and then apply a urethane topcoat on top of that. Big box companies such as Home Depot or Amazon prefer to offer just water based epoxies and that is why they are more affordable Lifespan of the product is quite low therefore be sure to complete your study.


thick epoxy coating

If you’re laying an epoxy floor in a heavier traffic area then you will need a thicker epoxy floor if you want to it to survive that wear and tear. The most common epoxy flooring for companies are those in the range of 10-20 mils thick and will normally consist of a 2 to 3 coat system. A primer, a high builds basecoat, and a topcoat. A thicker coating with give the floor a strong profile and it helps to produce an appealing, incredibly durable flooring system.



If you have a commercial warehouse, machine shop, or other industrial business area such as a brewery you may require an epoxy floor that is considerably thicker, up 125 mils, to handle the usage of heavy equipment, chemical spills, and vehicle traffic. In many circumstances the most cheap and most resistant coating will be a slurry epoxy which is a 3 component epoxy mortar mix (A, B, Aggregate, commonly sand). This forms a slurry mix which is troweled into the floor and builds up a very resistant base layer. A topcoat is then followed to encapsulate and preserve the floor giving it an aesthetic appeal.

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